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Various precious metalsSunshine Pawn Shop is a pawn shop proudly serving Deming, NM and the surrounding areas. Pawn shops and pawnbrokers have been around for hundreds of years. The basic idea behind any pawnshop is to loan people money. We offer secured loans to people and we accept certain items of personal property as collateral.

Sunshine Pawn Shop accepts a wide range of items as collateral, including gold, jewelry and other precious metals. Our experienced pawnbrokers will make a fair assessment of your property and we will give you a loan based on the value we determine. We also have a variety of unique items on sale at our store.

Our mission here at Sunshine Pawn Shop is to serve every customer with honesty and respect. We want to offer you all the benefits of pawning with a personalized touch. We offer high loan amounts and flexible options to increase your chances of repaying the loan. Trust our experts to provide you with the most convenient and courteous service available.

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Sunshine Pawn Shop

10020 Columbus Rd SW
Deming, NM 88030

Phone: (575) 544-4926

Sunshine Pawn Shop offer consistently excellent service at our pawn shop in Deming, NM.

Sunshine Pawn Shop

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